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The highest authority in SACCI is the Annual Convention, where all categories of members determine the broad policy of the chamber by means of Convention resolutions. Provincial Congresses are held to enable constituent chambers to deliberate on regional/provincial issues and to identify matters that require national consideration.

The chamber movement maintains close contact with government at all levels – local, provincial and national.

SACCI is also represented directly on the various chambers of NEDLAC, (the National Economic Development and Labour Council), the national tripartite economic and social policy advisory body.

Government officials attend the SACCI Annual National Convention and provincial congresses, and participate in the debates. The resolutions of the Convention and congresses are conveyed to the government both by letter and by deputation. Meetings with Cabinet Ministers are held and interviews with officials take place regularly.

Government interacts with SACCI on issues that affect business, including proposed legislation. SACCI, in turn, consults its constituent chambers before submitting the matter firstly to the appropriate Standing Committee for discussion and report, and then preparing a considered comment.