Wednesday, 05 April 2017 16:49

SACCI President replies on behalf of Board to a Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Business (PCB) article in the Witness Newspaper of 4th April 2017.

We view the media crusade launched by Ms Veness and company as being very reckless, damaging and highly opportunistic. SACCI is a chamber mother body, which espouses values of openness, transparency and professionalism. These allegations are not coming through for the first time, when they first surfaced we invited the complainants as part of the engagement process to use the internal dispute resolution mechanism to put matters on the table.


We had a principle agreement with the Pietermaritzburg chamber and other colleagues to form a “Working Group” to attend to issues that were categorized according to their order of complaints. Everyone including the Pietermaritzburg were part of the inclusive group to ensure adequate resolution of the alleged issues. The SACCI- CEO requested input to populate the areas of alleged irregularities in Finance, Governance and Operations so that the process would be thorough, there was no response for some time. All of a sudden, we were greeted by a set of new issues which was a radical departure from the initially agreed reference point. It is important to state that the “Working Group” continues to work nonetheless as we are committed to clean governance. Further, they, Pietermaritzburg chamber and other colleagues reneged from principle agreement of inclusive resolution of the raised issues in favour of by-standers. Then an ultimatum of 2 days followed which clearly indicated a justification plan by them to exit SACCI. We have since requested a meeting with the board of Pietermaritzburg Chamber to explain this position. Please note that it is not factual that Ekurhuleni Chamber has resigned. At the time of going to print we had no confirmation of that information.

Lastly it is strikingly strange that most of these issues suddenly found vocal expression after the elective conference we had last October 2016. Most of the candidates for the Office Bearers positions, who did not make it, are in the complainants roll who sadly find it difficult to come to terms with a democratic process.

As SACCI, we remain committed to a united chamber body and we look forward to engagement with Pietermaritzburg Chamber Board as we continue to engage on a wider footprint of SA.

To view the PCB statement featured in the Witness Newspaper, click here

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